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MOT, Road Tax & Service renewal reminders

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The Driver Buddy App

Renewal reminders & Alerts

Receive reminders & alerts of when MOT, Services, Insurance & Road Tax are due.

Stolen vehicle notifications

Notify users in your area and forums that your vehicle has been stolen with one click and help others when their vehicle has been stolen.

Full MOT History

No need to enter all your MOT history, we automatically get it all for you and notify you when it's due.

Transfer to other users

Easily transfer your vehicle details to another user, all you need is their email address.

Digitally store receipts

Upload all receipts of work carried out on your vehicle for ease of transfer.

Accident Report

If you have been in the unfortunate position of being involved in an accident you can quickly take photos, write reports, take driver details whilst it's still fresh.

Beautifully designed, across all your devices

All your vehicles, in the cloud

Store all your vehicles safely online in the cloud. Access Driver Buddy from a computer at work, a tablet from your sofa, or your phone on the train. It couldn't be easier.

Driver Buddy Feature List

In the palm of your hand

We all love our phones. So we've made Driver Buddy even easier to be used in the palm of your hand. It's quick and it's simple. It's also completely free. And there's mobile app coming very soon.

Driver Buddy iPhone stolen vehicle notication

Instant alerts to your phone, wherever you are

Reminders & alerts

Receive free reminders via email, text, WhatsApp and many others for:

  • MOT due date
  • Tax due date
  • Insurance due date
  • Servicing due date
  • Drivers License expiry date
Driver Buddy iPhone alert and reminder notications

Notifications for stolen vehicles

We call this Buddy Policing, helping you retrieve your vehicles more quickly when stolen by notifying the Driver Buddy community within your area.

Driver Buddy iPhone stolen vehicle notication

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