When is my car service due?

When is my car service due?

DriverBuddy is a new online tool that allows you to check when your MOT, Service and Tax are due on your vehicle. It takes just a few seconds and we'll even send you helpful reminders to your phone and email when the time comes.

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We're still in beta testing at the moment, but we're launching very soon! See what we're up to!

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Contact your manufacturer

In the meantime, the quickest and easiest way to find out when your service is due is to contact your vehicle manufacturer. Whether you're in warranty or not, they have a database that tells them when your vehicle is due a service. Give them a call, quote your vehicle registration and mileage and they'll do the rest.

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By Niall St John

Niall is the Co-founder of DriverBuddy and loves his cars!