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Innovative Solution for Ultra-fast Charging Electric Vehicles

E.ON and VW co-develop new solution for ultra-fast charging EVs

Cooperation between E.ON and Volkswagen Group Components contributes to establishing an ultra-fast charging infrastructure.

The provision of an expansive public network of ultra-fast EV charging stations can be attained quicker than previously thought possible. E.ON and Volkswagen Group Components (VGC) are giving the realisation new impetus with the prototype of a new, flexible ultra-fast charging station that will be presented and trialled in Essen, western Germany.

By integrating a battery system, it will be possible to install ultra-fast charging stations almost anywhere and at significantly lower cost without civil engineering or mains connection.

According to E.ON and VGC, the new technology paves the way for a larger number of ultra-fast charging points to be installed where they are needed. E.ON is seeing demand for this solution from municipal utilities and local authorities as well as from filling stations and service areas. In addition, the concept is tailored to the electrification of retail parking lots and logistics companies such as parcel services.

The stations are installed according to the plug & play principle – simply put them down, connect them and configure them online. The quick charging system can charge two e-cars with up to 150 kilowatts of power at the same time, thus providing an additional range of around 120 miles on average in just 15 minutes.

To ensure that the battery installed in the charging station always has sufficient capacity, it is permanently fed by a conventional 16 to 63 ampere power connection. E.ON will operate the rapid chargers exclusively with green electricity. Updates, remote maintenance and billing of the charging points will be carried out via E.ON's central software platform. The technology meets all the requirements for financial support under both the EU and the German directive and complies with the requirements of calibration law.

The business model was developed jointly by E.ON and VGC. The hardware component is an innovation of the automotive company combined with E.ON's proven operator system and market knowledge. VGC will start series production this year.

In the second half of the year, E.ON will intensively test the new charging points at six motorway filling stations and then launch them on the German market under the name E.ON Drive Booster.

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By Wayne Gorrett

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