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Fiat 500 and Panda Mild-Hybrids Now Available

UK pricing and specifications for the new Fiat 500 mild hybrid and Panda mild hybrid have been announced, arriving in UK showrooms mid-February and March, respectively.

The ubiquitous Fiat 500 and the diminutive Panda are two iconic models in the current Fiat product range. They represent and perhaps, even define urban mobility with combined annual sales of over 400,000 units throughout the EU and the UK.

With the introduction of mild hybrid technology, the 500 and the Panda provide all the benefits of efficient, compact, lightweight and accessible hybrid driving.

Fiat has confirmed that the new Fiat 500 mild hybrid and Fiat Panda mild hybrid will start from £12,655 and £13,855 respectively.

Both models mark the electrification of the brand and are the first steps towards more sustainable urban driving. That journey continues later in 2020 when production commences of the new 500e in its spiritual home of Turin. Being fully electric, the model will play a key role in the FCA e-Mobility strategy. The new 500e is expected to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Mild hybrid drivetrain

Both models will be available with a new petrol mild hybrid drivetrain that combines the latest 3-cylinder FireFly 1.0-litre engine with a 12-volt belt-integrated starter-generator (BSG) electric motor and a lithium battery. Combined output is 70hp.

Compared to the outgoing 1.2-litre 69hp petrol engine, the mild hybrid version improves fuel efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 30 per cent without impeding performance. The 500 mild hybrid has CO2 emissions as low as 88g/km with the Panda at 89g/km. Fuel economy for the 500 is said to be 53.3mpg, while the Panda returns 49.6mpg (both WLTP Combined).

The BSG system also ensures a very high standard of driving comfort, allowing for a quiet, vibration-free restart of the internal combustion engine in Stop-Start mode. The system is mounted directly on the engine and is operated by the belt that also drives the auxiliaries.

The mild hybrid drivetrain is paired with a six-speed manual gearbox sending drive to the front wheels only. It is said to improve fuel economy during out-of-town driving, thanks to new low-friction bearings and gaskets and the use of a specific high-efficiency lubricant. The new system also involves lowering the entire power unit by 45mm so the car behaves better on the road thanks to the lower centre of gravity.

Special Fiat 500 Mild Hybrid and Panda Mild Hybrid launch editions

When they arrive in showrooms, the mild-hybrid 500 and Panda models will be available in a Launch Edition trim. These models will be presented in model-exclusive ‘Dew Green’ paint, with seats trimmed in a fabric manufactured from recycled plastic waste.

The Launch Edition models start from £16,795 for the 500 and £14,385 for the Panda. Each mild hybrid Launch Edition will be recognised by a rear-mounted ‘Hybrid’ badge and an exclusive ‘H’ logo (formed by two dew drops) mounted at the base of the B-pillar.

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